9th Impact is an award winning game development studio working in partnership with rights owners to create the official games of TV shows.

We specialise in designing unique games that fans of the TV show will love.  We start with the DNA of the TV show and grow a game that is an extension of that universe, not a generic game with a skin from a TV show glued on top.

We have end to end development capabilities in-house including game design, development, 3D modelling, story writing, art, testing, publishing & marketing.

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games

Genre: Racing

Biker Mice: Mars Attack!

Genre: Strategy

Biker Mice from Mars

Genre: Story Runner

Ninja Go Endless Runner

Genre: Endless Runner

Christmas Express

Genre: Match 3


Genre: Arcade

Star Commander

Genre: Casual Strategy


Genre: Casual Puzzle

Danger Mouse

iMessage Stickers

Biker Mice

iMessage Stickers