The hour has come…

The Sengoku period is a time of great unrest in the empire.  News has reached the Shinobi that forces loyal to Oda Nobunaga have taken the palace.  Togakure-Ryu has prepared you and the hour of your destiny has arrived.  You must infiltrate the palace under the cover of darkness and destroy your enemies.  Your journey will be long and treacherous – you must run through the Jungles of Kuroi Jukai, battle the killer hornets of Yamanakako and defeat enemies lurking in the shadows of the village rooftops.  You have the senses, weapons skills and discipline of the elite Ninja but the most important weapon for Victory is a clear heart.

Seeing is believing

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All the ingredients for a great action runner

  • Gamer Controls

    Ninja is controlled by “gamer thumb” positioned buttons.

  • Ninja Skills

    Jump, somersault and slash your way through treacherous terrain.

  • Righteous Weapons

    Shuriken, Katana, Kusarigama and many more weapons to fight your enemies.

  • Leaderboards

    Compete for Ninja glory with high score leaderboards for each level.

  • Original Soundtrack

    Original symphonic rock soundtrack by renowned producer Keita Takanashi.

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