The revolution has begun…

The Robots have rebelled and flooded the evil factory. Run, jump and dodge the sinister sentinels to escape from Robotory.

A unique vertical endless runner arcade game, inspired by the classic Jumping Jack and perfected for mobile. From game creators 9th Impact, comes the most addictive game since Crossy Road, with beautifully simple controls but challenging gameplay to master, you’ll need vision and skill to anticipate the gaps ahead and time your moves while avoiding enemies.

Seeing is believing

Watch the original trailer!

Help the Robots

Suggest new characters and we’ll build them!

Love Robotory?

Help us spread the word about Robotory and we’ll take suggestions of new characters to develop. We need you to:

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Once you have completed your mission, send us an email to tell us.  Suggest some cool,characters to add to the Robot Forge and we’ll build them into future releases.

All the ingredients for a great endless runner

  • Endless free gameplay

    Enjoy unlimited hours of gameplay collecting nuts and winning prizes at the Eye slot machine!

  • Vertical Endless Runner

    A unique vertical endless runner arcade game, inspired by the classic platform games and perfected for mobile.

  • Robot characters to collect

    Hundreds of robots to collect! Each with different movements and characteristics. Make your way to the forge today!

  • Leaderboard

    Go as far as you can and compete with robot masters around the globe with the high score leaderboard.

  • Original Soundtrack

    Original funky-steam-gothic soundtrack by the 9th Impact media team.

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