Your time has come…

Take command at the head of your star fleet as the battle for the universe takes place in the addictive and intense strategy game Star Commander.
As Commander, it is your duty to take control of enemy ships before you fall at their mercy. You will have to be able to think ahead and plan your attacks wisely in this unique free to play game which will truly make you feel like a leader. Just one move can change the tide of battle.
Each level will test you in different ways with different battle scenarios and with ammo as a precious resource, you need to make sure every shot counts.

Star Commander preview

See what’s possible in Star Commander.

Take part in epic space battles!

  • Prove yourself!

    Countless levels that will test your skills as commander.

  • Space ‘N’ Style

    Beautiful original artwork with starry and asteroid ridden backgrounds.

  • Change the odds

    Call in reinforcements to help change the tide of battle.

  • Master your fleet

    Take control of different ships, each with their own unique characteristics.

  • Shock n’awe

    Get powerful powerups that take down your enemies instantly.

  • Become the commander

    Easy to pick up but difficult to master and even tougher to put down!

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