We’re hiring Graphics Wizards!!

9th Impact are an award winning game development studio based in Galway Technology Centre. 9th Impact design, build and publish mobile games some based on their own creations and some are in partnership with TV studios. Our games are loved by players and fans all over the world.

Graphics Wizard Job Description

We’re looking for a Graphics Wizard (that’s an official company title) to join the 9th Impact team. You might be familiar with the role from such job descriptions as Graphics Programmer or Rendering Engineer.

The role is full time permanent based in the magical city of Galway and salary will be negotiated on second interview.

The candidate will have a passion developing amazing visual effects and love the challenge of optimizing for mobile. You will have strong maths background, an eye for detail, artistic flair, code in C# and have experience in Unity engine.

Day to day tasks will include:
Designing & developing materials, fluids, particles and special effects
Perfecting shadowing and lighting within constraints
Optimizing frame rates, achieving data compression on textures, meshes
Solving mathematical geometry problems in motions, collisions and culling

… and loads more, so the person needs to be used to high performing environments with lots of personal responsibility given and hard work and high output expected.

To apply for this position please email lordbusiness@9thimpact.com with:
1. A list of any engineering/physics/maths/game dev qualifications you have and your final grades
2. A link to your portfolio or your GitHub or attach examples of shaders, ray tracers or videos of effects you’ve created
3. Links to games you’ve worked on and specify your role in each
4. Any other cool stuff you want to share

If you are interested in establishing a career in graphics programming, are familiar with unity but not FX or vice versa, we may consider a junior position with training – so please specify when you contact us.